Our major goals are:

• to assistance in improving the quality of medical care for the population in healthcare organizations of various forms of ownership, enhancement of preventive healthcare in the field of endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders, support of scientific, creative and entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of public health, raising of the level of professional training of medical workers and the overall stature of medical professions;
• to assistance, within the framework of the national demographic security program, in mitigating the consequences of the demographic crisis, raising the society’s awareness about diseases of the endocrine system and associated metabolic disorders.

18th International Congress of Endocrinology


Cape Town and the Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa (SEMDSA) will host the 18th International Congress of Endocrinology on 1-4 December, 2018.

Expected events

SLENDO 2019 is the endocrinology conference in Sri Lanka for the 5th consecutive time with the collaboration of ISE (International Society of Endocrinology) and SAFES (South Asian Fédération of Endocrine Societies).


SLENDO is featured with 170+ sessions and 1000+ foreign and local participants.

There will be a ‘Young Investigator Award’ encouraging young investigators to submit their research papers and win a travel grant worth USD 1400 to attend ICE 2020 (International Congress of Endocrinology).

There will be an ‘ISE Thyroid Certificate Course’ for participants if they want to sharpen their expertise in Thyroid.

There will also be an oration called ‘Dr. Henry N Rajaratnam Oration’. This is a prestigious oration held under the best patronage of the SLCE and is awarded to the best manuscript submitted.

Pricing starts as low as USD 325.

Also, Lonely planet rated ‘Sri Lanka’ as the №1 travel destination of 2018. So, after the conference, participants can travel, relax and have the time of their life as well.